Enviro-Shale Process Ends Deep Well Injection of Hydraulic Frack Fluids

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Lewis Environmental Services demonstrates mobile recycling process at West Virginia deep well injection site.

Pittsburgh, PA, July 05, 2011:  Lewis Environmental Services, Incorporated processed and recycled Marcellus Shale hydraulic fracturing waste water slated for disposal at a deep well injection facility located in southern West Virginia.  The six day field demonstration was conducted from March 24 – April 1, 2011.  The ENVIRO-SHALE PROCESS (ESP) mobile unit was designed to treat 42,000 GPD (1,000 barrels) of shale gas waste water.  The effluent from the ESP Process was pristine and crystal clear. The effluent was tested and recycled back to a nearby drilling operation.

The patent pending process which incorporates proprietary activated carbon technology demonstrated its effectiveness to remove inorganic as well as organic contaminates.  The average total chloride influent and effluent concentrations were 160,720 mg/l and 140,400 mg/l respectively.  The average total chloride removal % rate was 12.6%.  Total Organic Carbon and dissolved carbon dioxide (scaling forming compound) removal efficiencies were 56.2% and 52.9% respectively.  The ENVIRO-SHALE PROCESSÕ final effluent was tested and approved for recycling at a nearby shale gas drilling operation; this reduced fresh water needed for fracing and eliminated disposal of the water via deep well injection.

Additional Benefits of The ESP Process

Several effluent samples were selected for supplementary chemical processing to extend barium and strontium contaminants removal levels. Chemical processing produced barium and strontium removal % rates ranging from 68% to 76.3% and 13.5% to 22.3% respectively.  The bromide removal % rate from chemical processing ranged between 28.6% – 36.1%.  Chemical processing removed 100% of alkalinity bicarbonate, a scale forming compound.  The precipitated solids were collected and analyzed. Analysis revealed the precipitated solids consisted primarily of barium, calcium and strontium. A photograph of the recovered solids is presented below:

About Lewis Environmental Services

LES has developed an innovative approach to extend the life of recycled frac water utilizing the ENVIRO-SHALE PROCESS (ESP).  This patent pending process purifies the frac water by removing various impurities (inorganic and organic) thereby extending its effectiveness as a water source for hydraulic fracturing. LES’ proprietary treated granular activated carbon adsorbs organic compounds while simultaneously removing inorganic compounds, such as iron, barium and strontium.

The ESP Process is a superior treatment process offering several unique features and benefits: (1) its economical to operate – cheaper than trucking and deep well disposal cost; (2)mobile – it can be operated in the field for Òreal timeÓ recycling; (3) it produces reusable water – it can be recycled for additional fracing and reduce fresh water needs; and (4) significantly reduces the need to dispose of large volumes of frac water via deep well injection.

Lewis Environmental Services is under contract to build a second mobile unit designed to process 100,000 GPD (2,380 barrel) of shale gas waste water.

Contact LES For More Information

If you area Driller and want to discuss your options and review your current recycling practices, give us a call.  We can discuss the benefits and potential savings from recycling frac water with the ESP Process.  You can stop deep well injection and improve your bottom line.

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