Enviro-Mobile Solutions

Lewis Environmental Services core technologies are offered on a mobile service platform. Clients can engage these effective technologies for specific treatment needs. The mobile service offers industrial and oil and gas customers the best of both worlds, treatment value and being performed in the field. We have mobile systems to remove heavy metals and recycle frack water. Call and speak to a treatment specialist to learn more details.

Case Study

LES successfully processed and recycled Marcellus Shale hydraulic fracturing waste water slated for disposal at a deep well injection facility located in southern West Virginia. The field demonstration was conducted with a mobile unit was designed to treat 42,000 GPD (1,000 barrels) of frac water. The effluent from the ESP Process was pristine and crystal clear. It was tested and certified for reuse by the driller’s chemical supplier and recycled to a nearby drilling operation, eliminating disposal via deep well.

No.ItemRaw FeedESP Effluent% Removed
1Conductivity (µS/cm)220,000161,15027.41%
3Total Iron (mg/l)143<0.199.93%
4Total Chlorides (mg/l)78,00062,38420.0%
5Scaling Factor (Dissolved Carbon Dioxide49.314.171.6%
6Oil & Grease (mg/l)77.0<598.70%
7Total Barium (mg/l)95.31.0398.82%
8Total Organic Carbon (mg/l)62.760.6199.0%
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